As you can see, my mother, Kate Amelia Peterson (on this site referred to as 'Kitty') married Harry Charles Higgs.

Kitty's sister Alice Mary, married David Thomas Rockliffe

Kitty's father married Alice Binning

Thus the four famlies became linked.  They all lived close to each other in these streets.  This is an area known as Holborn close to the official City of London  

Things to see on this site

  • Archive - This is a collection of over 900 images. They consist of photos, Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, also newspaper clippings, entries fom the Electorol Roll to see who lived where, Army Service records and Census entries
  • Trees - Family Tree diagrams for each of the families, showing clearly who married who, their ancestors and descendents
  • Families - From here you can see full lists of the members of each family, and from there you can go to any person to see their full details, theie birth, marriage and death dates, some selected photos of them and friends and relations, all from the Archive, and some facts about their life
  • Connections - Diagram as shown above, describing how the Families connect to each other
  • Where They Lived - Lists many of the streets around the Holborn area connected with the Families.  In many cases the people listed on this site lived in the same street or very close by      
  • Community - Through other ancestry sites such as and GenesReunited I have made good contacts and found family members.  Their information  can be seen in this section
  • Harrys War Record - My father Harry Higgs served in the war.  This section shows some of his medals and more detail on where he went during this time.  His sign-up papers and other documents are also here
  • Relationships -  here is simple diagram to explain all those cousins, aunts, great-aunts and second-cousins connections
  • Same Time Or Place - Some of the photos here can be seen to have been taken at the same place so Igroup them together here
  • Burials - A little information here about where people were laid to rest 

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