These are people who I have been in contact with and the information they have given me


1 Sue

Sue is descended from Emma Rosson.  Emma is her great-aunt. Emma's sister Sarah Susannah was Sue's grandmother

2 Sophie

Sophia's husband is descended from AliceBinning's half-brother Frank John Binning - Sophie is probably the remotest person from me on the family tree!

3 Louise

Louise, is the daughter of Christopher Higgs. Christopher is the son of Charles Higgs (her grandfather)

4 John

John is son of Rosina, daughter of Frides Adelaide, my father's step-sister

5 Maggie

I had a 'hit' against my tree suggesting these people had someone in their tree of interest to me. I need to further research this...

6 Sandra

Emma Rosson was Sandra's grandmother

39 Mike

Mike is descended from Big Harry's second wife Violet Dowling see tree here