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Thanks for that answer that clears it up now .... I just assumed that was your wife ... she was certainly a very smart lady ...when I got the e mail I had a quick look through my bits and I have found out willy higgs first wife fanny leach lived at 7 betterton street st.giles and the Rosson family lived at 9 betterton street which was probably how  Emma the 2nd wife knew the family ...when we went to London to see a show a few years ago we found the street and took some photos of no 9 it was actually opposite the old work house where some of Emmas sisters ended up and it is just off drury lane ... they were 3 floors high but really narrow ... just another bit of useless info for you but you can see now how the familys knew each other
I also found your web site again myself and you seem to have a lot more photos and  info on it .. well done ... if I find anything else out I will let you know
all the best

thanks for your e -mail david ... I am a bit confused about which rosina you are talking about who you said  had died quite recently... I only know of aunt rosina who died in the late 80's ... thanks for the other photo of the wedding as well and the photo of you and your wife look very smart together ... I don't really keep in touch with my cousin and we don't live near her ... though I keep saying I must make an effort and get up to London soon and see her ...
my computer was running slow and someone told me that if you cleared some of your messages off it would work quicker so I did and guess what i had a folder with my ancestry bits in it and i cleared it out ... so i have now lost quite a few letters etc from various people and one of them was you !!! if possible can you give me the name of your website you created ... cheers

i saw that you mentioned you didnt have many photos of your grandmother well my cousin sent me the above photo which shows the 90 th birthday of annie rosson [my grandmother] and the elder sister of willie higgs 2nd wife emma

it was held in a hall near kirk st where she used to live in holborn before she moved across the road  to portpool lane .... the last picture shows her cutting the cake with her 3 children called emily jack and my mum called ann... when i looked at uncle jack i thought he looked very like the photo of harry higgs that was  on your tree photos ..... the pictures are a bit hard to make out as they must be 50 odd years old ...  there is one on there of 3 kids at the front and i am the one stood in the background looking very sad.... i was an only child and painfully shy .. i wonder if the 2 old dears in the first photo could be aunt lizzie and rose .. i saw the photos you sent of the aunts do you know how old they were when they were taken .... my nan was really small and always wore the pinnie never put her teeth in and never said a lot when we visited .. i was always sent down the lane to get sweets or to go over and see my cousins ...i was brought up in edgware middlesex so dont know the school you are on about ... i will ask my cousin who still lives near leather lane as she is a bit older than me [i am 67]so may remember a bit more as she does remember the aunts lizzie and rose well ...i dont have a lot of photos of the old days ... my parents dont seem to have bothered with a camera much .. anyway keep in touch and if i find anything else that may be of interest i will let you have it .. i dont have any photos of when they were young knowing their life story i wouldnt have thought they could have afforded to do photos... all the best

Hi Dave ... Sue has been in touch with and said about your interest in our family [The Rossons]we share our info so probably she has told you everything but if I can be of help I am happy to give you any info I have ... my nan was Annie Maud Mary Rosson and Emma Higgs née Rosson was her younger sister ... Aunt Lizzy and Aunt Rose used to visit my nan up until both the old girls died in the early 80*s.. nan lived in Holborn all her life and ended up in Portpool Lane[near Leather Lane] until she died... my other cousin still lives there now .. Emma Higgs didn't go blind until later in life ... she was a servant with my nan in Hastings when they were younger so they stayed together although the rest of the sisters all split up..their mum died of smallpox in Stockwell hospital so that's why their dad put them all in the workhouse ... on the 1881 census their are 26 people living at 9 Betterton St with them .. I have seen the house and it is a small skinny house on 3 floors... bet there wasn't a loo or bath init .... it was right opposite the St.Giles workhouse as well.. 
you may be able to help me actually one of your uncles Fred willie Higgs married a Lilian Pedder in 1932 in Holborn and my parents were very friendly with a Pedder family and I am wondering if they are the ones that knew my parents .. I know that Fred is dead know but they had 2 children Yvonne and Malcolm ...
well I will go now nice to meet you and congrats on your website its really well done and I am pleased you found your birth mother its a lovely story.. all the best to you and your family ... Sandra your newest 2nd cousin xxx

May 15 2013

right i am pleased about that .... i suppose that makes us cousins then [i am 66 by the way] always nice to add to our tree. i have met another cousin whilst doing this tree business and she is the grandaughter of one of the other rosson sisters... i only found about the 3 in the workhouse when she contacted me .. theres also cousins in canada as someone emigrated in the 1890s and had a family over there.. yes it is spelt rosson we know we are legit family you can contact me on my email address which is ... ... know its a longwinded one but its what the grandchildren used to call me and my husband !!! anyway get in touch and let me know what youve got and i can fill in a few gaps for you ...

May 14 2013

hi there David nice to hear from you .... your dads mum Emma Rosson was one of my grandmothers [Annie Rosson] sisters.Emma and Annie were in service together in Hastings after their mother died. Their father put himself and the younger children Charlotte [9] Sarah[8] and Alice [4] into St.Giles workhouse.After a while he then took the older two to Dr Barnados and dumped them promising to come back which he never did and they were fostered out also into service. Alice stayed at Barnardos till she went into service as well. I dont think that annie and emma ever knew what became of the rest of the family. The dad Richard died in 1902.Thats a little potted history of the Rosson family
My nan married a John Glover and they all lived around the same area as your family Theobalds st and Kirk st [my cousin still lives off Leather Lane]they had 3 children john annie [my mum] and emma. My mum married an Arthur Greene who was friendly with the Pedder family [louise married fred higgs]but i cant remember the sons name i think he was always called Boy Pedder... all my family have come from the Holborn area..... they were brought up in Brownlow st and my mum was born in Endell st hospital.
I may have other info that might be of interest.. but thats a rough guide to how we are related.. perhaps you could give me a little history on your family as well ... all the best and thanks for getting in touch