Charles Edward Higgs 1928 - 2001.

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Archive: 472 [Courtesy of Barbara Higgs] Charlie with his wife Violet, probably taken in the sixties

The son of Richard Edward Higgs and Violet Ann Kemp.  The Ancestry hint puts his birth as April, May or June 1928 which looks correct.

possible entryin 1939 Register
Archive: 883
The image 883 below, is from the 1939 Register. It shows a Charles Edward Higgs living in a house named "The Homestead" in Amersham. I have no other evidence that this is our Charles apart from the fact the birth date is the same, making him eleven years old and it does show him as "at school".

Charles died aged 73, in Worthing, Sussex.

Archive: 114


7th April 1928 331
4th February 1950 114
23rd August 2001 217