Big Harry 1896 - 1972

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the two harrys in deckchairs
Archive: ANC151

Big Harry went missing after WW1 and the family assumed he had died. Later they had another baby (my father) and they also called him Harry. Big Harry then turned up! From then on he became known as Big Harry

Big Harry is on the left here, with his younger brother Harry, my father. It was the only photo I had of him until recently, I was kindly sent the one below by John Hood.

In the photo on the left, I believe we were visiting 'Big' Harry at his home in Essex. I have a photo of his wife Violet.

Big Harry first married Helen Noonan about whom I currently have almost no information.

He then married a lady named Violet Dowling (though known as Lily).  My mum said he had a good job with Maples, the furniture store.  Then he worked in Hatton Garden.

They lived in Acton Street and then later moved to a bungalow in Ashford and eventually to Billericay.

Big Harry had two daughters, Kathy and Eileen and a son Harry M, both by his second wife Lily.

At age 17 Harry joins the Territorial Army in 1913. The joining form can be seen here. It is in multiple parts: part1, part2, part3, part4, part5

Archive: Ampton Place [656,782,781,441 ], Group of five in 1967 [545, 545a], 1939 Register shows him working in Maples store [627], In "mufti" [ 491 ], Enlists in Territorial Army at 19yrs [ 444, 444a],[hh1,hh2,hh3], slideshow

Birth Marriage Death
19th January 1896 633, John Hood's email[487] 27th February 1921 and 129 2nd October 1943 109 1972 568