Higgs, Richard Edward 1905 - 1996.

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Uncle Dick with horse-drawn milk cart
Archive: 418
Uncle Dick was the second child from Willie’s second marriage, to Emma Rosson.

Dick married Violet Anne Kemp from Millman Street and they had a son Charles. Charles married in 1950 and had three children.

At his marriage one witness was Charles E. Walker. This could well have been his brother-in-law (the man who had married Charles's elder sister Frides).

I vaguely remember meeting Richard once, possibly at Liz & Rose’s.

Dick is shown as a “Milk Rounds man” at 21 on his marriage certificate and later a  ‘milk foreman’ when he was about 50, shown on his son Charles’s marriage certificate in 1950.

In 1939 Register [843] he is shown as a "Milk Salesman"

But in 2016 I found and met up with his granddaughter Barbara

Dick lived in Angmering and East Preston. In this photo you can see them at Lands End. Note the distance to East Preston!

Archive: At 19 East St. in 1933 [522], 1939 at 45 Ordnance Hill [843]

Birth Marriage Death
24th August 1905 218, Baptised on 4th August 1905 571. See also Glover/rosson tree 20th December 1926 113 7th June 1996 218, also appears on the glover/rosson tree