William (Willie) Hull Higgs 1865 - 1936

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William was my paternal grandfather. He first married Fanny Leach in 1889 and had three children, Elizabeth Fanny, Frides Adelaide Annie(known as Nan) and Big Harry. Fanny died 13 years later in 1902.

In 1903 Willie then married Emma Rosson. The Wedding certificate shows his occupation as a scaffolder and Emma is shown as a Domestic servant. They had six children; Lizzie, Richard, Frederick, Rosina, William, and finally Harry (my father). With two Harry's the first was called Big Harry. Emma died in 1931.

Training Ship ARETHUSA Just after his father Edward Higgs died, Willie spent time on Training Ship ARETHUSA - see below

Here are the Census details from 1911 and we see Willie at 45 years old with his second wife Emma. The far right column shows she was blind later in life. Harry (my father) does not appear because he was born four years after this Census in 1915. There is a young Frederick Higgs, aged 3 and half years. I do not remember anyone mentioning an Uncle Fred, so what happened to him I wonder?

1911 Census form

Archive:720 larger image at 323 below

Willie died 10th March 1936 aged 71. His death certificate shows his daughter, Elizabeth, was present at the time.

John Hood's comments on rootschat.com and his first letter to me with good Higgs information

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Archive: On ship Arethusa [632, 634], Willie in the garden [350], and also, likely taken the same time [351], 1871 Census [583a, 583b], 1911 Census at New North St.[323], New North St. today [561], four of the Higgs children by Willie Hull Higgs [352], On the Training ship ARETHUSA [576, 577], Willie at 36 East St. 1910 [329]

Birth Marriage Death
10th February 1865 013 5th May 1889 101 047
26th September 1903 103
10th March 1936 203