Iris's Photos

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Iris Peterson aged about 2yrs in Melfort Road garden
Archive: 700 [Courtesy of Sadie Shuka]

Iris Peterson aged about 2yrs in Melfort Road garden and an unknown neighbour photobombing!

Iris second marriage
Archive: ANC125

Iris is on the right in front of her mother Alice.  Iris  is holding the water hose and she must be about eight in this photo.   Her little sister Valerie is on the extreme right.

On the far left is myself and my little brother Sammy with our parents, Harry and Kit behind us.

Peterson family picnic
Archive: 824 [Courtesy of Sadie Shuka]

Picnic time for the Peterson family. We see what is likely Valerie at the extreme left of the picture with Iris in front of her. Then, left to right is Alice and two friends and finally Bob making the tea is

Iris in 60's bouffant hairstyle
Archive: 546 [Courtesy of Sadie Shuka]

In the 60's

Iris second marriage
Archive: 780 [Courtesy of Sadie Shuka]

Iris is here marrying her second husband, Anthony Ford, in 1977. With her is her mother Alice and, we believe, one of Iris's young daughters, either  Amanda or Kirsten