David's Photos

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ANC010 - Kitty with David at Newbury, about 1946


ANC009 - Renee in a little car


ANC032a_Year1931 Mary & Renee

ANC032a - Renee and her mother Alice, possibly 1931


Renee on the beach about 2yrs old

ANC105 - Renee on the beach about 1932


ANC109 - Renee on the beach

ANC099 - On the beach with a bow in her hair


ANC092 Renee on beach with Kits Mum

ANC092 - Renee with her Grandmother, about 1932


ANC091aKitty standing up,onbeach

ANC091 - Renee and Kitty


ANC005 Renee and David

ANC005 - Renee and her elder brother David


Kitty and Renee at the beach

ANC104 - At the beach with Kitty, about 1934


Renee at beach

ANC103 - At the beach about 1934. L to R: Renee's Grandmother Alice, Renee, Renee's mother Alice, Renee's brother David


ANC087 Renee and David by pier

ANC087 - David and Renee by the pier


ANC102 Dave and Renee in horse cart

ANC102 - Renee and her younger brother by 18 months, David


ANC088 David and Renee in garden

ANC088 - Renee and her brother David



ANC107 - Kitty and Renee at Arundel Castle, Sussex. Renee looks to be about 10 years of age so likely to be about 1939


ANC029 Alice and Renee Arundel

ANC029 - Renee with her mother Mary at Arundel again.


ANC066 Kit's wedding in back garden_cropped800w

ANC066 - Renee on the far right, aged 13, as bridesmaid at kitty's wedding. She looks older, all grown up!


ANC028 Renee's unknown pal Kitty Albert and Renee

ANC028 - According to Mum's memories this was taken at a cottage owned by a friend, in Newbury, Berkshire. L to R: Eileen Geggers - a friend of Renee's, Kitty, Albert, Renee


ANC109 - renee's wedding

ANC109 - Renee's wedding to Albert White, likely to be 1949 when she was just 20 years of age.



ANC141 - Possibly about 1953. L to R: Bob, Renee, harry, me and Kitty. Location unknown.


Family at melfort Road

ANC129 - Possibly 1965. This is at Uncle Bob & Alice's house in Melfort Road, Thornton Heath, South London. L to R: Bob, Iris, Harry, Alice,Kitty, Renee, me, Albert



ANC122- This is 1965. Taken at our house in Bognor Regis. L to R: Alice, Renee, Kitty and Bob(Kitty's brother).