Emma Georgina Rosson 1873 - 1931

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Emma Rosson Willie's second wife. Emma is on the left in this photo.

In 1891 the census shows her living in Hastings, St Mary In The Castle, Sussex with the Beddard family.  In the 1881 Census we can see Emma living right next-door to Willie, her future husband

From conversations with a distant cousin of mine, Emma was "in service" as some sort of housemaid.

This can be seen in the Census entry below, when Emma would have been aged eighteen.

One of my contacts (Sue Dunne) remembers being a young child at Emma's sister Annie's 90th birthday party

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Emma's sister Sarah

Sue Dunne has also sent me a picture of her mother Aurora and her grandmother Sarah

Archive: 460a Emma's sister and daughter Aurora

Archive: 508 Aurora

Archive: Emma and sister in service at Hastings in 1891 [559], Emma, husband and unknown child [362]

Birth Marriage Death
abt 1873 because she was 30 at marriage 26 September 1903 103 1931 213