18 Kirk Street

Archive: 779 - The building from the rear
Kitty and Harry lived with Kitty's parents after their marriage in 1942. They moved to Kirk Street (at number 18) in 1948. By 1951 they had moved on, to a flat in Ely Place.

Kirk Street has, today, all but vanished. Just behind the hoarding the street only runs for about 50 yards, the rest has gone. If you take note of the building in picture 778 you can see it again, from the rear, in picture 779 as I had moved round the back to where Kirk Street once stood.

These pictures were taken in 2013 so I expect the hoardings have now gone and new building have arisen.

Archive: 777 - Looking west
Kitty and Harry lived here for a couple of years

Archive: 778 Looking east