Lilian Maud Curtis 1912 -

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Lilian Peterson in Bournemouth
Archive: ANC045

Lilian was the wife of Kitty’s brother Archibald.

Archibald (Arch) and their daughter Yvonne, were both killed in the war. Kitty believed this photo was taken during a visit to Bournemouth, along with Renee, shortly after Yvonne & Arch's deaths

In 1937 she was living, with her family, at 15 Bingfield Street (see 479 below). She married that year and this was the house that was hit by a doodlebug, killing her husband Arch and their little daughter Yvonne in 1942.

I believe she later re-married. See Archibald’s entry later for more details

Archive: Lilian's family all at 15 Bingfield Street [479]

Birth Marriage Death
1912 063 24th July 1937 110