William Robert Higgs 1946 -

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Known as Robert, William was the son of William Bramwell Higgs and Eunice Ellen Higgs

Robert was an electrician by trade when he married, at 22, Patricia Erica Reynolds in 1968. It seems from the marriage certificate that they were living almost next-door to each other on the Kingsmeade Estate in London.

My mother Kitty says in the sixties Robert's family came to stay with us in Bognor Regis at Glamis street although Robert was away at Boys Brigade.

Robert is the only one I vaguley remember meeting once or twice when we lived in London.  I actually spoke to Robert in 1995 to tell him of Harry's death.  He took our address and said he would pass the news to Uncle Dick.

Archive: 2014 Living in Bournemouth [348], at Roslin Road, Bournemouth around 2007-2010 [606]

Birth Marriage Death
Oct-Nov-Dec 1946 548 1st December 1968 116