Rosson, Richard 1852 - 1902

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The father of Willie's second wife Emma G Rosson.

He seems to have been a bit of a petty criminal as this article from the London Morning Post testifies.

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The following quotes are from Sophie, How Sophie and I are related

"Thank you for showing me your tree: | was able to work out where Alice Mary Binning fits into my own Binning family tree. | think she is in fact a member of Francis Binning’s second family, which he had with a young woman called Amelia Green. He never married Amelia but the children she bore him got his name. | am pretty certain this ts correct because | got a birth certificate for Alice's older brother Harry and Amelia's name is on it. Poor Amefa died of “phtisis, due to continued intemperance’. which | think means she faded away due to too much drink. Francis, our ancestor, did much better though. He had a business mm picture gilding and carving that apparently lasted four generations. The business remained in the hands of Alice's brother Emest and was passed down through him.

I googled this: National Portrait Gallery A Frames Conservator at the Tate Gallery has been researching picture frame makers and if you look down under B, you will see a biography of Francis Binning (the author didn't realise that Francis had had two distinct families). My husband is descended from Alice's half-brother, Frank-John Binning. Our side of the family didn't maintain the profession of picture gilding beyond Frank-John; his son became a fishmonger, | think. To return to Francis Binning (1825-1909), | think that he is descended from a medical doctor named Richard Verity and a woman called Martha Binning.

Parish records show that Richard and Martha baptised 3 children in the 1820's, but the children emphatically have the Binning surname. It gets a bit difficult to be sure of anything else after this. but Francis witnessed the marriage of Eliza Ann in the 1850's who is either a cousin or his sister, and Eliza Ann witnessed Francis marriage to Sophia Edwards. If i am wrong about them being brother and sister then they did at least know one another.

Robert was the oldest child of Martha Binning and Richard Verity (i.e. Francis brother}. He became a picture frame dealer, which I think is interesting since Francis was a picture gilder, I also found Richard Verity's Will on Ancestry and he was very concerned about the disposal of his picture collection to his legitimate relatives (no mention of the Binnings). It occurred to me that Richard may have been responsible for getting Francis and Robert Binning started in their respective trades, through his own interest in paintings. Just a theory.

Of Martha Binning, I know very little . I can 't ascertain who her father and mother are, so that part of my tree is not correct. If you google Richard Verity you should come across some more information about him - he was a real society doctor in his day and made two very good marriages to the daughters of high-up navy commanders!"

- Sophie, September (2014)

I have done a bit of research since we last spoke as well. I have been in touch with Mr Gerry Alabone, conservator at The Tate and he very kindly sent me two copies of his paper on the Binnings and their workshop (the last location was in Lambs Conduit Street, and the paper contains some rather atmospheric photos of the workshop just before it was dismantled).

I tried to find out what happened to poor Amelia Green, mother of your relative Alice, of Mary, Harry and Ernest Binning, but no luck . Her death certificate notes that there was an inquest into her death, but I think the coroner 's papers are long lost. There is no mention of the inquest in the local paper, the Holborn and Finsbury Guardian, so I have it on my "to do" list to see if it' s in the City papers( I think they 're kept at The Guildhall). I may take a while to do this, but if I come across anything, I' ll let you know . Going back a bit further, I think I 've found a picture of Francis Binning' s father, Richard Verity . He owned Dean Lodge in Lower Dean, Bedfordshire - take a look at this: http: //www.stoddenvillages.org/people/richard_verity/

Note that in his Will, Richard Verity took great pains to dispose of his picture collection . I speculate whether it was Richard who introduced Francis and his brother Robert Binning to their trade of gilding and picture framing( Robert was a picture dealer for a while ) . I am still hoping for information on Martha Binning( Francis ' mother). I found that she died in Pancras Workhouse in 1859, after a two-year stay. There wasn' t any record of her burial in the workhouse records, so I wonder if her children took care of her body( speculating, again ) . I think she is related to a family of Binnings who lived in the Oxford Street area during the early 19 th century - she may be a brother of Thomas Binning, who kept a public house in St Alban Place, just off Haymarket .

Zooming forward in time now, to your question about Stephen W Binning (1947-2006). I think this is who you mean? If yes, I'm afraid he went too early after a short illness; he's my husband's uncle, so it was a sad blow to the family. I got interested in family research in part thanks to Steve's daughter, who unearthed and copied a load of old family photos. I'm hoping to be able to present her with a short account of her family history to complement those old pictures. It's been an interesting search so far - and fun to discover that we share some of that history with many other people!

- Sophie, May (2015)

Archive: 1881 Census 365 Workhouse admission [940] and again [384]

Birth Marriage Death
about 1852 as he was aged 50 at death   August 1902 210