Walker, Charles Edward 1892 - 1942..

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Archive: 775 [Courtesy of John Hood]

Charles married Frides in a Register Office in 1912. One of their daughters was Rosina whom I actually met in 2014 when she was then in her eighties!

542 shows the couple with their two children Charlie and Dolly

in 849 below we see the family in 1939 but it looks like Charles Edward Walker is written there as Edward Charles.

Charles Walker with wife Frides and children Dolly and Charlie
Archive: 542


Archive: Rear of photo 775 shows it was taken at Southend-On-Sea [775a], the rear of 542 shows their third child Rosina's writing [542a], Possibly at Ivimey Street 1913 [959], General Register 1939 showing Walker family in Tottenham N17 [849], Probate [958]

Birth Marriage Death
1892 (as he was 19 upon marriage) 3rd August 1912 108a 21st Feruary 1942 958 958